Welcome To Grand Valley Kenpo Karate!

After 9 years, we have officially MOVED! We are now located at 2964 I70 Business Loop, Grand Junction, CO 81504.
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If you're looking for a self defense system designed to protect you and your family, then you've found the right place. At Grand Valley Kenpo, you will learn a blend of Kenpo Karate and Jiu Jitsu from quality instructors with decades of experience in the arts. We are proudly under the direct lineage of Master Rich Hale, founder of the OHANA Kenpo Karate Association.              

Our goal is to develop your children into martial artists, not bullies.  We teach respect, discipline, self control and confidence.  We also teach how, when and where to fight, and when not to fight but instead flee. We do this by making sure they have a good understading of self defense on both their feet and on their backs.  

Don't be afraid to learn how to defend yourself and your family with blinding speed and accuracy – it can and will save your life, help keep you in shape and build your confidence!

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